WSA Career Navigator

Scientists face numerous challenges in water research, which is an interdisciplinary field. To support Early Career Scientists in Water Research, the Water Science Alliance has established a "Career Navigator" with a focus on three areas:

  • Professional Education & Training: financial support to cover travel expenses and/or fees for relevant water conferences, workshops, and internships to expand education and provide new insights for career advancement.

  • Communication and Networking: platform for networking, e.g. through funding brainstorming or round table meetings to support publication or grant writing ideas in water research. Further funding for WSA related activities such as participation in the annual "WRHC" (Water Research Horizon Conference), and "WSA Lectures".

  • Career Planning: Support for individual career development in water research, facilitated through advice and/or mentoring by renowned and experienced members of the WSA and/or their network.

To receive funding, interested Early Career Researchers from a German institution must submit a short summary (up to 300 words) of their intended activity within the three areas mentioned above. A brief description of the benefits for their individual career must be included.

Before submitting the official application, we recommend contacting Dr. Beate Krok from the WSA. To assess if the activity falls within the scope of the call and select one of the potential and specific funding options.

Connect with an experienced scientist:

Exchange of experiences and insights into relevant areas of science and/or industry (practice).
Assistance with the preparation of research proposals and/or publications.
Introduction to professional circles and connections with relevant individuals.
Motivation/exchange within the professional environment or regarding personal concerns.


Financial support for networking, further education, and strategic career planning:

Travel funds and/or conference fees (travel grant).
• Invitation and/or travel expenses coverage for attendance at the WRHC or WSA Lecture.
• Utilization of WSA activities as a Think Tank for joint discussions on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research ideas to
   stimulate proposal writing (including travel costs, possible for invited experts, and room rental).
• Funding personal meetings with strategically important contacts and/or mentors.

To obtain funding, please send your application to:

After the submission, the WSA will evaluate and make a decision about funding.