26.09. - 27.09.2023 Freiburg/Germany

Rivers connect climatic regions and supply drier lowlands with freshwater. They connect landscapes, supply and store sediments and provide lifelines for people, nature and goods. Yet, the governance and management of these lifelines is challenged by global change. Climate change alters hydrological processes and sediment cascades, legacy and emerging pollutants deteriorate water quality along whole river networks and limit water use. But also, human influences like dams, reservoirs, or water abstraction disconnect rivers with negative impacts on environmental flows. All this increases use conflicts and resource competition.

Unfortunately, current monitoring, analyses and modelling often neglect river connectivity highlighting the need for sustainable solutions. The 13th Water Research Horizon Conference will bring together national and international researchers, practitioners and policy-makers with diverse backgrounds. Participants will engage in a multilateral and multidisciplinary exchange about the role of research in addressing the challenges of river links.


Keynote Speaker


Disconnected rivers - rivers under pressure from infrastructure and pollution

Prof. Susanne Schmeier, Water Law and Diplomacy at IHE Delft
Enhancing sustainability in the management of rivers, lakes and aquifers - The role of
cooperation across sectors, actors and countries


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The conference will be held at the University of Freiburg, Aula, KG I (Main University Building in the inner city, 5 min walk from main train station).

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