10th Water Research Horizon Conference 2019



jointly organised by

the Water Science Alliance and the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources



Tuesday, 18 June, 11.30 am – 1.15 pm

Balancing Water Quantity and Quality for Agriculture  (A1)

Kate Gibson, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska (US)

Making it work: Lessons from 50 years of managing groundwater for agriculture

Stefan Siebert, University of Göttingen (DE)

Dynamics and trends in water requirements for agriculture

Manan Sharma, United States Department of Agricuture (USDA)

A fine balance: Microbial quality and water availability for agriculture

Managing Water Storage Capacities  (B1)

Securing Water under Drought and Floods

Gerard van den Berg, KWR Watercycle Research Institute (NL)

How the subsurface helps to secure freshwater supply during periods of water shortage

Gavin Kode, Western Cape Government, South Africa (ZA)

Preparing for ‘Day Zero’ in Cape Town — embedding water resilience in Western Cape Government critical infrastructure

Christoph Donner, Harzwasserwerke (DE)

Water scarcity and climate change in Germany: A new feeling - adaptive reservoir management in Lower Saxony to increase resilience

Making the most of Marginal Water (B3)

Closing the Water Security Gap

Folkard Asch, University of Hohenheim (DE)

Rice production caught between salinity and drought

Jörg Helmschrot, Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL) (NA)

Water scarcity in Southern Africa: Causes, effects and solutions

Joachim Went, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (DE)

Ideas for sustainable water supply by combining hydro-geological know-how with solar energy technologies


Session series A1, B1 and B3 run simultaneously.


Wednesday, 19 June, 10.45 am – 12.30 pm

Economics of Food and Water (A2)

Trade, Transport, Virtual Water and Footprints

Wolfram Mauser, LMU München (DE)

Water and agriculture – from waste to sustainable use

Martin Keulertz, American University of Beirut (LB)

Failed markets? How the food system fails to account for water resources

Stephan Pfister, ETH Zürich (CH)

Trade and water scarcity – water management from a consumer responsibility perspective

Water-related Ecosystems and Agriculture (A3)

Challenges, Synergies and Trade-Offs

Ken Irvine, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (NL)

Converting wetlands for food security: two steps forward, three steps back

Karen Villholth, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) (ZA)

The role of groundwater in agriculture and tackling ecosystem trade-offs

Klaus Knopf, Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries IGB (DE)

Future agricultural systems - How aquaculture can contribute to sustainable food security

Urban Water Security (B2)

Focusing on Quantity and Quality

Imasiku Nyambe, University of Zambia (ZM)

Challenges and responses to urban water security: Experiences from developing countries based on the example of Lusaka, Zambia, Southern Africa

Lisa Scholten, University of Delft (NL)

 Deciding urban water security – Architecting actor behaviour and decision making processes towards sustainable urban water systems

Moritz Reese, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ (DE)

Towards multifunctional green-blue infrastructures - ways to go in urban catchment governance


Session series A2, A3 and B2 run simultaneously.

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