9th Water Research Horizon Conference 2018



The 9th Water Research Horizon Conference will bring together scientists, practitioners and policy-makers with diverse backgrounds to engage in a multilateral exchange about the role of research to address the challenges of future urban water management in the face of global change – including demographic and global urbanization trends. Blue cities are the vision, where blue encapsulates the notion of both sufficient and clean water for citizens and nature. This perspective will guide the presentations and discussion panels that are organised in six thematic sessions:

Water Linkages of Cities and their Hinterland

Water resources and multi-level interrelations

between the city and its catchment, groundwater and rivers

Rivers receiving point and diffuse pollution

coupling water and material flows

Wastewater design and reuse

producing water for multi-purposes

Water in the City of the Future

Water-related extremes and impacts

damping the effects of hydro-meteorological events

Water and the built environment

assessing the vulnerability and risk for buildings

Water based urban design and planning

designing a water sensitive liveable cities