WRHC 2021 ONLINE   Droughts, Floods & and their emerging Challenges

11th Water Research Horizon Conference 2021 | 15th-16th JUNE 2021

jointly organised by  the Water Science Alliance and the Wassernetzwerk Baden-Württemberg

supported by Deutscher Stifterverband

WRHC History

Water Research Horizon Conferences

The Water Research Horizon Conference offers a discussion forum for interdisciplinary water research in Germany and internationally. Here new ideas are developed and activities are initiated to solve the major challenges in the water sector across disciplinary and institutional boundaries.

Water Science Alliance

The Water Science Alliance creates a platform providing efficient structures for integrated water research at the national and international level as well as bundling the existing water research competences along the lines of the most pressing challenges.

The Water Research Horizon Conference with the Open Space Workshops is aimed to be a platform for the dialogue on the grand challenges in water research. The event takes place annually at different venues with support of changing partners of the scientific community.


WRHC 2019: BGR Hannover

WRHC 2018: Deutsches Hygienemuseum Dresden

WRHC 2017: Wälderhaus Hamburg